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Hi again, for a number of reasons I stopped blogging at the end of last summer:

  • after my last post the temperatures here soared to the mid 40’s and the bush in my state exploded in to a fiery inferno
  • the vegetable garden was absolutely fried, desiccated, dead as a do do with in hours
  • the chicken only just made it through with lots of TLC and ice-blocks in their nest, paddling pool and drinking water.

I think in the end I felt that growing vegetables at home in this new climate was going to be impossibly impractical so I’ve not planted the garden this winter – glum, glum, hoe, hum.

So it’s imbolc this sunday – and as this blog has no readership  – it feels a little bit like casting thoughts out into the great beyond.  I thought I would work on sparking the garden up again for spring and tracking the garden progress as it goes.

They have said that this coming summer is likely to be ‘the worst fire storm ever’ – so I guess it’s time to figure out how to garden in the fire flume.

Merry Meet all and happy first stirrings of spring!  PS the bees are doing really fab – first honey is a month away.


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