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I was surfing around You tube and found this fabulous program – Landshare.  The idea behind the English Landshare program is that people with land to spare donate space to people who want to grow their own vegetables.  The program seems to be thriving.

I take my hat off to the Landshare program so simple and such fabulous community building outcomes – genius.


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The first proto-tomato sighting of the season.

I’m just so happy to see the first signs of ‘tomatoes’ in the garden that I had to post a picture.

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Farmer's Markets, Food Security and Food Miles




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Preserving Jar Installation 2 - Food Security

I’ve finished reading ‘Edible Estates’ by Fritz Haeg.  Feeling inspired I have spend the week debating the possibilities for vegetable gardening in our front garden.

I’d like to do something to actively support community building in our neighborhood – could producing vegetables in our front garden be a catalyst?


  • More space for vegetable production or fruit – got to be good.
  • Opportunity to informally interact with neighbours.
  • Chances to share seeds and produce?


  • More work soil building – as soil in the front garden is pure sand dune.
  • More water required – beyond our current rain water storage capacity.
  • Removal of trees would have a negative impact on possum community.
  • Removal of trees will mean our house would get hotter as they afford protection from hot north wind.

I’ve concluded that vegetable gardening in the front garden would have an overall negative environmental impact.

So what to do instead?


  • Invite our neighbors to a harvest garden party / afternoon tea when the tomatoes are ripe.
  • Join the ‘Open Garden Scheme’.
  • Start a ‘Vegetable Gardening Coffee Club’ in a local cafe.

These are my thoughts so far.  My goal is to pick at least one by next weekend and begin to implement.

Success will be measured by:

  • Number of neighbours who start vegetable gardening, talking about tanks, sharing seeds etc.
  • How connected we feel / become with our community.

Any other suggestions welcome.


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